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A Presidential Invitation A once in a life time invitation from the President of the United States to cook at the White House picnic for members of Congress and their families is one of those unexpected experiences in life that can be exhilarating or intimidating or both.

For Diana Barrios Trevino, feeding a small army on the White House lawn, especially with President Obama's personal cooking crew, was no sweat at all. She and the Barrios family operation back in San Antonio are used to feeding armies of customers at their restaurants every day.

What was more daunting were security restrictions on bringing foodstuffs from the outside to cook for the White House. Her immediate concern was. "How am I going to get my masa there (into the White House)?" The fresh San Antonio corn masa,


Watch a clip of the Puffy Taco Throwdown between Diana Barrios-Trevino and Bobby Flay on the Food Network's website.


she believes, is indispensable to making a real good Puffy Taco. Not to worry. She found the White House cooking staff was very efficient in providing the right products that allowed her to create the famous Puffy Tacos.

The Tex-Mex specialty—now eminently more famous after this event—Puffy Tacos was the featured dish at the "Taste of the States" White House picnic showcasing a popular dish of the Southwest, and it was a huge hit.

For Diana, the highest honor of a well-recognized career with many achievements, was serving her San Antonio family's Mexican food at the White House. Cooking for the President and his family and members of Congress and their families and working with the staff of the White House kitchen—how much higher can you soar?